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The flat is neat and contemporary, tastefully decorated and well furnished for couples of their age. She has lived here for about five years, and has given it a delicate touch of a home. She played pranks with Felix, and they both ran around the whole place like little lovebirds before the arrival of their children, Ken 3, and Nath, a year and 2 months old. It was a perfect setting, a dream come true. She still can’t understand how things suddenly went out of hand. She is packing her things, she must leave the only place she has known as her own haven before the end of the month. Anne is looking lost and worn. This is one of the most trying part of her entire ordeal: The moving out, the changing house!

The marriage cord is finally cut. It’s all over, no going back. They are only waiting for the final ruling from the judge, he decides who has the custody of their children. Uptill now she is still licking her wounds, she still wishes Felix comes back. She wished time would rewound to the good old days when she found true love in Felix. She wished life could offer her another opportunity to find her way back to his heart. But Felix insists it’s all over, period!

It’s been 2 months since Felix moved out of their matrimonial home because Anne wasn’t ready to move yet. The flat belongs to him, he bought it before they met, but he just couldn’t stand the sight of her anymore. He said he would rather leave the house and come back after Anne has found a place and moved out. As she arranges her things, she sobs and murmurs to herself. For her, she’s not only losing a house, but a home, a part of her. That flat represents everything she knew about marriage, love, and home making, for she moved in with Felix as they were planning their wedding.

She’s completely disconnected, devastated, and heart broken. Notwithstanding, she must pack her things and move out of this flat anyway, and time is running out for her. But she seems so feeble, so fragile, I am afraid she may break down at this point. She has just informed me that she has been diagnosed of major depressive disorder. Trying to see how I could help. I asked, “Anne dear, is it possible for you to stop at the moment and take a little rest?” (To be continued).

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