People To Watch Out For In A Relationship  (2 Thes 3:13-15)

1. Rebellious People
– In our text, Paul warns the Thessalonians to watch out for people who refuse to obey and abide by the instructions he gave them, and not to keep company with them.
– These ones question the word of God, they mock, and they kick against it.
– They rebel against given authority; the church, government, place of work, and are foolishly bold.
– Any man that rebels against the word of God is open to any kind of sin, because he doesn’t care about God.
– If you continue with them, you will become rebellious like them.

2. Gossips-Mongers

– Avoid any kind of relationship with people who take joy in destroying other people’s image.
– The only comment they make about people is focused on their faults and errors, never positive things.
– Note that they will also talk ill of you immediately you turn your back, it’s their nature.
– Jesus says to them to first remove the plank in their own eyes as to see clearly to remove other people’s speck.


1. Take Note Of Them
– The Bible says in verse 14 of our text that we should mark them, take note of them, identify them.
-We are warned to be careful of them because they are everywhere, even in the church.
– Let them not take you by surprise and you are taken unawares.

2. Shame Them By Staying Away From Them
– Such people and character need supporters to thrive, and please don’t be the one that will encourage such behaviour.
– Staying around them in a relationship will pollute you and the entire church.
– By isolating them, they will be put to shame, and probably move towards changing.

3. Don’t Make Them Your Enemy
– Everyone must not be your friend, but in the same way, they must not be your enemy.
– Take note of them, avoid them, but don’t keep grudges with them.
– Remember that you are a christian and a christian is not contentious, so avoid quarreling or raising your voice against such people.
– The only way to shame them is by isolating them.

To build a healthy relationship, you don’t need rebellious people. Neither do you need gossip-mongers according to our text. Any relationship that does not add value to your life, you should rather “..come out from among them and be separate (2 Cor 6:17)”.

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