A relationship is called healthy when there is a positive influence in someone’s ife and family as a result of this acquintance.


1. Walk With The Wise ( Proverbs 13:20)
– Proverbs 13;20 says that he that walks with the wise will become wise, so look for people that will add value to your life and become their friend.
– A diligent man will stand before kings according to the Bible, so look for diligent serious minded people and become their friends if you want to stand before kings.
– Look for people that have the kind of life style of your dream and associate them.

2.Be verbally-Positive Active
– Praise your spouse, friends, colleagues, etc at any give opportunity, don’t only laud their mistakes.
– Learn how to appreciate people and make positive remarks (not only negative ones).
– Limit insulting remarks in the name of joke, why not use appreciations, praises, positive words as joke.

3 Treat your relationship with respect (Prov 18: 24)
– Do not be in a haste to fight and cut off your valuable friends because you may need them later in life. (…there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother).
– One of the most important gifts God has given to man is the gifts of each other, don’t lose yours because of pride and foolishness.
– Remember that you reap what you sow, so if you need respect, respect others.

4 Forgive easily And Seek To Be Forgiven
– Note that even in healthy relationships, you are dealing with men and not angels, so expect offenses once in a while.
– Remember that no man is perfect including you, so learn to overlook things and forgive easily.
– And admit your own faults and mistakes and ask for forgiveness.
– Make up easily and fast with people so you don’t give a space for Satan.

5 Be Part Of A Solution And Not A Parasite (Acts 20 :35b)
– In every healthy relationship, everyone plays a vital role, you may not have money, but there should always be something you can provide.
– Don’t always remain at the demanding /receiving end, else the weight will be one-sided.
– People treasure solutions and run away from parasites, so if you want to be treasured in a relationship, contribute your own quota of solution no matter how little.
– Remember,’….it is more more blessed to give than to receive’ (Act 20:35b.

6 It Must Be God- Centered (Prov 1:10, James 4:4)
– No matter how great a relationship may look like, if it encourages sin, it’s not worth it.
– Let your friendship encourage righteousness and good behaviour towards God and people
– Watch out for any lifestyle that puts you in enmity with God in your relationship and desist from it.

CONCLUSION: A healthy relationship is the one that its activities and influences bring joy to God, may we cultivate such relationships in and outside the church in Jesus name.

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