Isaiah 43 : 1-7

There are times in life when the future appears quite uncertain because of the unpleasant experiences we face daily. All the things we see and hear around us or from the media make things look more and more bleak. In the midst of all these chaos and frustation, what should a child of God do ? Where does he draw his strength and hope from? And what does say concerning in this this kind of situation ?

In uncertain times, God says to His children « FEAR NOT BUT TRUST ME »

This single phrase is deep and speaks volume, and it means the following ;

1. Trust Me, I Know You Personally (Isaiah 43 v 1b)

God knows and understands you more than anyone else does and He knows what you are going through. So He says in an uncertain time, « do not fear, but trust me ».

God doesn’t need an introduction to your life or what you are going through, He knows you by your name and reassures you that you are His.

2. Trust Me, I am Always There With You. (Isaiah 43 v 2, Psalm 27:5).

When the future seems uncertain, God says, do not fear, but trust my ever- constant presence with you- I am always there with you. He promises that even in that waters, rivers, and fire of life, He will be there with you so that you are not consumed.

In the wilderess, He never took away from the Israelites the pillar of fire nor the pillar of cloud (Exodus 13:21-22), so in difficult situation when you feel alone, remember that Jesus says « I will not leave you like orphans, I will come to you » (John 14 : 18). So be rest assured with that word.

3. Trust Me, I love You ( Isaiah 43 v 3-4)

God says you are precious to Him and just as you protect precious things that belong to you, so does God and even more. Remind yourself always that you are precious to God and that He loves you, and is committed to all that concerns you. He says that He will even give people for your life, meaning that God can go any length to defend you in the face of danger – that is how precious you are to Him and how He much loves you.

4. Trust Me, I have A Grand Plan For You ( Isaiah 43:7)

In an uncertain time as we live now, God says that He created you for His glory, it simply means that your life is designed to bring honour and praise to His name no matter what.

Therefore you don’t have to bother about what happens because your future is already guaranteed, provided you are on the same page with Him. As a child of God, you should not worry or run helter-skelter like the people who have no hope (Isaiah 26:3). Remember our confidence is in Him, and whatever the future holds, He has already told us that we are made for His glory, and that is His plan for you.

5 Trust Me, I have Power To Recover Your Lost Years (Verse 5-7)

God does not only promise us secured future with Him, He also promises a recovery of our lost time and opportunities if we totally surrender our all to Him. When we give our lives to God and to His service, by His assistance and wisdom, what we lost through sin and disobedience can be recovered.

In conclusion, looking at the economic condition of the world we live in today because of Corona virus, the unsure security of our society (terrorist attacks, etc), the moral decadence of the society where we live, broken homes, ungodliness, and financial instability, one may be tempted to slip into depression. But in the midst of all these, the Lord tells His children : FEAR NOT, BUT TRUST ME. This is because He knows we cannot handle it alone, but in trusting Him, we hand all over to Him and regain our peace, while He takes on the battle for us. And may that be our experience, in Jesus name.

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